Ninja SL2 Air Tank

This is a Ninja 77ci 4500psi SL2 carbon fiber compressed air tank topped off with a PRO V3 Regulator with the aluminum bonnet. (We also have the stainless steel version) The aluminum bonnet weighs a little less than the stainless version. The 77ci tank gives you those extra shots you might need without being that much bigger than the 68ci. Expect 1100+ shots from this size tank.
The SL2 or Super Lite 2 carbon fiber tanks are the lightest tanks available. So if you need the absolute lightest tank, get the SL2 from Ninja.
The Ninja PROV3 Regulator with stainless steel threads is durable and adjustable. The stainless steel threads on this PRO V3 regulator make this more durable than aluminum threads. The Ninja PRO V3 regulator can rotate 360 degrees so you can position the gauge and fill nipple where it is most comfortable for your style of play. (Remember to empty the tank before rotating) This regulator, like all Ninja regulators, also features the New Pin style output. This improves and offers increased flow over other regulators. Ninja regulators are MADE in the USA and have a durable aluminum body, 6000psi mini gauge, OFV (o-ring fill valve), dual o-ring bonnet, and high/low burst disks for safety.
  • 360 Degree Rotational Bonnet for Gauge and Fill Nipple Ergonomics
  • Patented Technology
  • Factory Set to 550 PSI
  • 550-750 PSI Adjustable with Shims
  • Parts Kit Included
  • O-Ring Fill Valve
  • Low and High Pressure Burst Disks
  • Ninja 6000psi Mini Gauge
  • Rotational Bonnet for Gauge and Fill Nipple Ergonomics
  • Dual O-Rings
  • User Friendly
  • Made in USA
  • Direct USA Factory Support